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One Monkey, Thirteen Years

(Not Shakespeare, but I guess it still beats Hemingway)

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I'm a computer programmer for a living, and as a hobby. I'm a professionally-trained massage therapist and hypnotherapist. I cook, ride motorcycles and occasionally get around to hiking or running. I've got a wife and two young daughters who keep me very busy. What do you do?

I also wrote a book about Ruby and Rails programming.

I used to throw Disaster House Parties. So yeah, I'm that guy :-)

Apparently this is a required disclaimer: my journal contains occasional adult themes and content, though rarely. If you know me and still find that potentially offensive (why *do* you know me, then?), don't read this.

I write a variety of open-source software, lately mostly in Ruby. You can find it on GitHub and a few other places.

I maintain a programming weblog, with a focus on Ruby, Rails and deployment.

In keeping with this meme, I have placed identifying personal information about me in the first entry, chronologically, in my LJ. Consider doing the same in your own journal.