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Relief of the moment...

Successfully sent the big package of tax information off to our accountant.

Matched sets of W-2s, 1095 B&Cs, 1099s large and small, miscellaneous various for the HSA and verifying that we paid childcare, itemized business expenses, information from the folks who *didn't* successfully get forms to us...

I'm fairly proud that it only took me 5 days from the last form I was willing to actually wait on :-)
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One for the (not-yet-extant) "I Hate Onions" Cookbook

In a fair number of circumstances where onions are being used as "vegetable filler" and for texture (around a pot roast, in a soup, stuffed in a turkey,) celery is a really good substitute. You can also do something like celery root, but... Almost anything has more flavor than long-cooked white onions. Even celery is more assertive. Other veggie filler/texture tends to wind up being a much larger chunk of the final flavor.

Now for *red* onion substitutes, all kinds of things would be fine - celery, celeriac, fennel, radishes... Red onions have a lot of final flavor, so something with a lot of flavor makes a good substitute. It's white onions that are so mild that it's hard to find a similar mild-texture-no-flavor equivalent.

Though I should probably be trying jicama for that. It's nearly flavorless. Anybody know if it stays crunchy after cooking?
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Legal proceedings

Did I post that we finished our arbitration hearing about the second construction company? We did. Don't have results for a week or two yet, but the sit-in-a-room-all-day-presenting-evidence portion of the program has concluded.

If I never have to do that again, I won't cry.

Our lawyer was wonderful. We liked the arbitrator. The opposing lawyer was... "enthusiastic."

Also, AWS is doing poorly (for the less-technical: large chunks of the Internet are broken, including bits I need for work) so it's a great time to slack off a bit at work. I had *just* gotten my AMI building properly again, too...

And the tea party this Saturday was a lot of fun. If you're on our local event lists you saw the announcements, reminders, etc...
creepy men / suggestive manner

This smacked me between the eyes...

"Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?"

It's a great article. It's worth the read. It's not the kind of basic "men suck" article you might think from just the title. She thinks through a number of consequences of what she says - though she doesn't have an answer, just a question.

The idea that "male sexuality is basically creepy and undesirable" is very common. There's argument about who bears the blame for it, and how it should be minimized and contained, and what to do about the horrible problem of men wanting sex, but... It's basically agreed on by liberals and conservatives that it *is* a problem and a shame. Even hard-core patriarchy has a fair bit of this: male sexuality is a horrible thing, triggered by females being horrid temptresses, and if only the poor men weren't so afflicted... Women are *blamed* by patriarchy for the problem, but it's still considered a problem.

Yeah. There's definitely a basic idea that "a guy being horny is bad", pretty much across the spectrum.

I'm dismayed but not surprised to hear that the shame is at least as bad for gay men.
Don't care the question, "Yes and I'd do it again"

Nothing in Particular

Came back from our first PantheaCon. It was enjoyable, somewhat weird, and mostly as-advertised. I think? Anyway, it was very good.

Still mid-remodel. Still working on the legal proceedings with that company we were having trouble with. That's more than I should say, without saying much of anything.

I'm tired and behind on stuff, but not so far behind it'll be difficult to sort out. Been tracking things in OmniFocus for most of this year. So far it's been really good to me.
bitten by a radioactive bad idea

"Identity Social Media"

Huh. It's not often I'm slapped in the face with an idea that changes my mind hugely on something social-tech-related.


"If you are going to quote "master's tools" quotes to me, you might consider that you're quoting them on Twitter and Facebook. Trumpism can't survive in wiki. It withers on contact. But it thrives and wins in identity social media. Barely anyone thinks this through."

Holy shit.

Okay, now that you put it that way... Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Twitter and Facebook replaced slow-burn long-form media with persistent replies, and replaced it with ADD-fueled sound-bite-of-the-moment history-free emotional reactions.

"Trumpism can't survive in wiki. It withers on contact." Right. Because wiki is, at least in that way, the polar opposite of Twitter or Facebook. Long-form, slowly expands, never forgets, saves the best replies and reactions, kills off stuff that's obviously wrong... It's the slow boil that eventually distills something like Wikipedia out of a years-long storm of reactions.

As opposed to Twitter and Facebook where "recent" beats "good".
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Patronage of the Arts

Being a patron of the arts is weird on the Internet, but it's all kinds of not dead.

Today, the Kickstarter for Sunless Skies went up -- it's the sequel to Sunless Sea and to Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar), those weird games about "what if Hell bought London in the 1800s, took it underground, and the whole Victorian thing never went away but became horribly twisted?"

(They're good games and good stories. Fallen London is free, if you'd like to have a go.)

And every level of the Kickstarter where they put your story in the game in some capacity were taken, on day one, before I first even looked at it. The one where they name a geographical feature after your name (but no story or customization) has 95 of 100 taken as of this moment.

Apparently somebody out there is willing to pay to be part of a good story.

And apparently you can definitely get by on the "1000 true fans" thing even with games, which are usually perceived as a tough market to sell to true believers.
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For friends who like long-form silly content...

This is sort of making fun of World of Warcraft and its quests and writing. It's sort of making fun of how people are inherently awful. And it's sort of a Screwtape-Letters-style seduction of good by evil, narrated by a World of Warcraft imp familiar, who would usually be taller than this.

(It's many parts. If you don't like the early bits, you probably won't like the later bits. If you like the early bits, the later bits are hilarious.)

“If you’re more afraid of your mother than demons, then your mother was either very bad, or very awesome.” - Gobstab the Demon, about Norman's mother
supposed to be on fire

Slow week...

Some weeks, I'm very productive. Some weeks, I'm home with my family and mostly that's enough.

This has been that second kind of week. I'm feel pretty okay with that, right at the moment.