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Dickens, Sushi, Weirdness

Went to Dickens Faire today. I bought less Christmas giftage than I'd planned, partially because I gave a lot of Dickens Faire gifts last year for the Truly Horrendous Massive Holiday Collision that is Christmas with my family in Texas. From December 25th to January 2nd we have Christmas, Mom's birthday, dad's birthday, their anniversary, New Year's Day and Tim's birthday. I have three siblings (Tim being one), plus a neice, a grandmother and two parents. That'd be eleven gifts, roughly, if I combine mom's and dad's anniversary gifts together. That's rarely a good idea. And all that is pretending I'm fully caught up on the gifts that should be given during the rest of the year. I'm not saying anything about that, out of self-defense.

I did get some formalwear. I need to find an occasion for it, then photograph myself wearing it. karenbynight pointed out that a tailcoat and utilikilt would be a fine combination for a formal occasion. Shame I don't have a Tuxedo Utilikilt, but my Utilikilt is at least black.

I went to sushi afterward. It was at Midori in the company of the lovely Choletta, who some of you got to meet today. Sushi was generally good. We bought the sushi chef a hot sake, things were pleasant all 'round. Cy the sushi chef made us a couple of unusual objects including an "apple" made of red tuna wrapped around rice with a "stem" made of cucumber and avocado. Beautiful, and something I hadn't seen before. Cy spoke very limited English, but he seemed an exceedingly decent guy.

Then Cy the sushi chef invited us to karaoke. I'd been in the presence of karaoke a couple of times but never actually done it before. Choletta was more experienced and knew a couple of local bars that did it. We would up waiting for Cy's shift to end, and following him to a little hole-in-the-wall place which was not only not a bar, it forbade alcohol on the premises. For karaoke! Curiouser and curiouser. We went into a little room with bench seats, a largish television, a karaoke machine with stuff in Korean on it and a disco ball in the ceiling. The remote control took some figuring out since it was also in Korean.

You'd select a song by number in one of the song guides on the table. Choletta and I were lightweights, and used the English-language version :-) Cy sang some pretty songs very well, including "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." It was a little weird with his accent, but his tune and timing were very, very good. After we'd been there a bit, we were surprised by two more folks showing up, a waitress from Midori and (I think) her boyfriend. She sang a couple of odd love songs in English and Korean, Cy sang something pretty in Japanese, and the boyfriend sang a number of very fast, very bouncy Korean pop songs. I sang "Rainbow Connection" and "Eleanor Rigby", and 'helped' Choletta with "Hotel California" since it was one of the very few songs we both mostly knew.

The machine rated you at the end based on how well you sang. I don't know if it was based on tune or when you started the words or both or what. The whole setup reminded me a little of Dance Dance Revolution, though with a far more merciful scoring system and no feedback until the song was over. I helped on an 80 (Hotel California) and got a 78 and an 86, similar scores to the waitress and boyfriend. Cy consistently scored in the low 90s, and deserved to do at least that well. Choletta utterly rocked "Okie From Muskogee" for the only 100 of the evening, and she was congratulated mercilessly for it :-) I forget how she did on "Brown-Eyed Girl". Everything was accompanied by surreal images of Asian music videos changing topic entirely every five to ten seconds. It was particularly odd with slow, sentimental songs like "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".

The whole thing was kinda fun. Having the background music and the ability to hear what you sounded like while singing was at once very traumatic and very helpful. I'm not sure how I rate that kind of karaoke experience for fun as a group activity, but it was a good way to improve some things about my singing. I wasn't doing it very long, but I expect it could be good practice.

It also felt very silly, and of course most of the songs are pretty trite. I mean, why else would you pick them for karaoke?

We left after only a few songs. Choletta was tired after two consecutive very long days (she went to Napa on Saturday), and I think we were both a little weirded out. Dickens Faire also took a lot out of her. I understand, being surrounded by (loud, constantly moving, usually intrusive) people for hours can begin to wear on you.

And I have now consumed a deep-fried twinkie. I don't think I recommend it, except maybe for novelty value. I'm not planning on consuming another unless I get very angry at my health-care provider.

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