Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Got e-mailed out of the blue by a friend who's moving to London for a job. Guess I won't be seeing Jen for awhile. Hope she does well!

And I entirely forgot -- we had our first real ERT call! A guy was passed out on the second floor of a distant building and Jesse and I rushed over to help out. We didn't realize how few ERT folks were left un-laid-off. Even though there's a separate ERT group for that half of campus, we should have gone faster... He was okay, it's just that the next guy may not be...

We showed up at the same time as the fire department, and it's cool to watch what they do now that I've got a little training. I wonder if I'll ever actually get around to taking a full EMT class. I've thought about it, but it's a lot of time. But so are a lot of the classes I take.

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