Noah (angelbob) wrote,

From the most recent Skotos Article on MUDs:

"Sure, you might run into an idiot. Then again, you also might run into me, and I rule. So it’d be, you know, worth it."

Ah, modesty.

And this week's Brezsny Horoscope:

In the wake of the alienating experiences you've had recently, Gemini, I think you need to reunify yourself. Here are a few ideas, drawn from an anonymous author's unpublished manual called "Self-Love without Apology." 1. Have two trusted companions simultaneously whisper sweet praise, one in each of your ears. 2 Write "I am complete" with your dominant hand as you use the other hand to draw a picture of yourself wearing a crown. 3. Surround yourself with mirrors and kiss yourself on the lips 11 times while singing your favorite lullaby. 4. Visualize two versions of yourself, one male and one female, holding hands as they gaze into a reflection of the moon on a river.

I find that to be a very interesting last image. Almost an in-joke.

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