Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Tryptophan, found in turkey, is apparently a serotonin predecessor. So in addition to making you sleepy, it should make you feel happy in a calm way. Serene, sorta.

Assuming I've got my serotonin and dopamine sorted out, anyway. All this stuff has too much vocabulary.

Tryptophan is also apparently a mild nootropic, and (for that reason) perhaps also a mild aphrodisiac. Which would explain a couple of situations I've been in...

The web makes the world look like such an idyllic place. It makes me want to pick up a wide variety of chemicals. I could make them into little "face the new day" cocktails, sort of like really foul-tasting thin coffee.

They could be garnished, perhaps, with a live toad. I wish I knew who said "if you swallow a single live toad in the morning, nothing worse is likely to happen to you for the rest of the day." Sage advice.
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