Noah (angelbob) wrote,

In the spirit of llaird's posts, this is about a town council meeting in Los Gatos. I found out about it while researching Metro PCS cellphone service. Metro PCS proposed to build a cellular tower, and the various town residents have responded poorly:

Carlton Way resident Larry Paulding said he is concerned about the proposed fence surrounding the equipment at the bottom of the tower. Paulding said the neighborhood would be at risk for "hoodlums, rapists and child molesters to hide behind that fence."

Metro PCS, Paulding said, "is pretty low on information and high on baloney."

According to Fisher Middle School student Casey Larson, the park is frequented by children and families and is a place for people to have fun. "If you go to such a place and find a tower with a bunch of wires on it, the level of possible fun will go down," Larson said.

Were the Larry Paulding quotes put together like that for sheer irony value? If so, I have great respect for Gloria I. Wang, the article's author. Yay for tongue-in-cheek commentary on local politics :-)

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