Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I'm about convinced that 1) I'm getting better at dealing with car dealerships and 2) there's no good reason to want to be able to.

So I've been to the Mazda dealership and now I'm driving... A Dodge Neon, actually. I think they specifically give really odd loaner cars of other brands to make Mazdas look better. The Neon has a lot of resistance before it begins turn-signaling, accelerating or braking, giving the whole thing a weirdly "crunchy" feel. That's okay, though. This is a car I got for two specific trips -- one from the dealership back home (done) and one more back there when my truck is ready.

It's decent. It's a 1999 model, though the mileage is comparable to my current (former -- *sigh*) beastie. It's got six cylinders and seems to handle its size and weight better, which isn't shocking for a largish truck. I can't for the life of me recall the model number -- a bit like Ford and the F150, Mazda just seems to label its trucks with numbers, not really names or letters.

We'll see how things go. I got very good value out of my 626 over the time I owned it, which isn't bad given that I was an idiot with no negotiating skills. I don't feel like I could have done much worse this time and with this vehicle, which doesn't necessarily say much.

Still, I'll shortly have a vehicle with tolerable handling (though it's a bit big for my normal tastes), good braking and without the transmission problems I've had up to this point.

And I also learned: never assume that a pleasant-sounding car salesman (woman, actually) with nothing to gain by lying to you is therefore telling the truth. Good to know.
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