Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Daylight Saving Time. I'm updating my second clock now. So this year, unlike most years, I won't have one or more clocks that stay an hour behind for months. Well, the watch in the bathroom that I rarely use, I guess. It's probably two hours off now.

My major bastion of stability in my life right now is my motorcycle. That's beginning to bother me. I'm about to move, I'm about to switch cars, and my romantic life has been bumpy and changed a lot recently. I'm trying to get a new job. I change which groups of friends I spend time with constantly, so that's not much of an anchor. So if I'm in the mood to do something familiar that's not just about to change or go away, I grab my helmet.

I didn't realize how much having the same good apartment for three years reassured me until I could hear the countdown.

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