Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Urgh. I find myself contemplating something. It's not something I actually swore off, and I remember, many years ago, when it even seemed like a good idea.

It does again.

It's probably time for me to change cars. This one has done well for me for quite some time, but the transmission is going to keep getting worse, and it's going to cost more than the car's value to fix it. There's one that doesn't bode well for trade-in value. And just to keep things interesting, I've mentioned that I'm buying a house, yeah?

So. That "comtemplating something" bit. A ridiculous image, for those of you that know my origins: Me in a pickup truck.

But it would make a lot of sense. They're pretty mechanically simple, so they tend to last well. I take the occasional long trip, but usually only with one more person, and there'd be cargo space in the back. I transport furniture, and it would work much better for that.

And it'd be kinda cool to have two primary transporation modes, one of which could carry the other. I actually do car repair stuff more often than road trips or moving furniture, and being able to handle the there-and-back aspects all by my lonesome would be nice. A pickup truck and a motorcycle would do that quite nicely.

I need to find out what's up with the financial aspects of all this, what the trade-in is for my car ($5000 or a bit less according to one site I consulted), and what an old pickup truck with AC in decent shape would cost me. Gas mileage isn't going to be a big deal, I don't put many miles on my car these days. The house in Fremont answers the question, "but what if I move somewhere with weather?" -- not any time soon, I won't.

Oy. I'm just trying to change all the major pieces of my life right now, aren't I?
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