Noah (angelbob) wrote,

House inspection was today. Looks like stuff is in pretty good shape. There's some electrical changes that may need to be made, at least if it's going to be Brian and I in the house. There aren't many grounded outlets. And I need to find out how horrendously, evilly expensive it'll be to get a gas stove put in and gas lines run for it.

I figure most of the landscaping can wait awhile. Planting something tall, that can't wait as long. But, say, re-sodding. That can wait a bit.

It turns out there's no electricity to the hot tub currently, which is a problem. That would explain why Brian and I couldn't figure out how power was being supplied when we looked at it. The hot tub is just generally in kinda sad, neglected shape. We'll see how it goes, but if it's not fixable then it's replaceable. The electricity thing is perhaps more of an issue since a replacement hot tub would have the same requirement.

But the stucco, fences, foundation and so on look pretty good. There are a lot of "if this gets worse" things, and "eventually, as maintenance" things, and "watch out for this" things, all of which are pretty much standard for a 1940s/1950s house, and all of which have been kept well in check so far by good maintenance and, in a couple of places, minor remodeling. It's been re-roofed and fumigated in the past couple of years. There are some places I should re-caulk or re-seal periodically, but most of them are currently in excellent shape.

I need to make it down to the public library there at some point and research crime rates (you can't just call the police station, I tried). But it's Fremont and a residential neighborhood, I'm not deeply worried.

But still, it looks like inspection is going to go just fine. The house seems to pass with flying colors. That means I have a lot of stuff to fax to the lending agent.

And I need to find a chance to take my car to the body shop. Oof. I know the name of a place, I just have to actually make it there during business hours.

Busy busy busy.

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