Noah (angelbob) wrote,

At the convention, much standing in lines was done. Before a truly excellent blues concert by Jim Byrnes, we were standing in line behind a woman in a very red top with laces, apparently corseted beneath. It took me a moment to recognize the object on her purse strap as a cock ring -- I wasn't used to seeing them with spikes inside. The regular kind are suprisingly subtle. I wore one as a bracelet for a couple of years in college and nobody really remarked on it. Hers was slightly less subtle :-)

I wound up in line behind her again at the small bar, and I took the opportunity to compliment her on her choice of accessories. Not shockingly, she too was from the Bay Area (the con was in Reno, NV), and she was a part-time professional dominatrix. She gave me a URL for her dungeon's site, which contains some decidedly non-worksafe photographs of her, um, work.

We had a nice conversation back at the tables a bit later which gave me some chances to embarrass my lovely companion (the girlfriend, not the pro-dom). Vengeance has been promised me at an undisclosed date in the future.

I meet the greatest people.

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