Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Breznsy says, this week:

"Every August, the temporary city of Burning Man sprouts up in the Nevada desert. A mix of festival, outdoor museum, performance art venue, and survivalist challenge, it's populated by 25,000 freaks: the exact people who are most interesting to me. Nowhere I've ever been is more like utopia; it's my personal version of Disneyland. And yet I didn't attend this year. Instead I stayed home and threw myself into orientation week at my daughter's new school. So rather than dancing night after night till dawn under the Milky Way with slippery hordes of blissed-out, half-naked bohemians, I sat on hard chairs during long meetings with earnest parents discussing how to nurture our children's education. I wasn't motivated by a sense of sacrifice in making this decision, but simply opted for a different kind of pleasure. You'll soon have a comparable choice, Gemini."

God, everybody is giving me shit about buying a house.

Okay, maybe that was a little uncalled-for.

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