Noah (angelbob) wrote,

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I want to be your everything,
Your rescued nightmare, pleasant dream.
- Jason Heim of Bucket, "Other Side", from "Ultra Generic Retail World"

"The kids have always known that sometimes I would disappear from their lives, without knowing what I do -- what *do* I do? If I don't know, why should they?"
- Utah Phillips, Korea, from "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere"

"How did you get to be like that?"
- Utah Phillips, Korea, from "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere"

My object manager is working well enough I could probably just plan to release it like this. At least, for a first draft. Time for bed, at least for tonight. Tomorrow, more MUDLib. This is going pretty well.

Kickboxing is really kicking my ass. That's a good thing.
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