Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Deeply Scary

I think I've found it.

A house.

I need to be sure, but I've had a look around inside it, and I know the price, and I've talked to the realtor and the lending agent and my investment guy...


That was fast. I mean, I looked at a bunch of places, but still. That was fast.

It'd be in Fremont, so I need to get some driving times. They don't look too bad, but I need to be sure. And I need to see how the on-street parking is, though it looked pretty good. And it's right near a school, so resale value is unlikely to be a big problem, particularly in the time frame I'm looking at (unmarried, no kids, no quick prospects for either one).

Hey, Brian -- you'll be getting a message shortly. Two-car garage and a bedroom spare, plus it's further South than I'd figured :-)
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