Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Two entirely unrelated things:

There's not much I can read any more that really traumatizes me. I mean, like, leaves me twitching and shuddering, but also still reading with a sense of sick fascination. But there are still a few things. Nice to know the web can still surprise me. No, I'm not posting the link here. Even though I stumbled onto this by accident, there are still things I'm not traumatizing most of you with.

Last night I was watching The Fellowship of the Ring with a friend. Imagine the scene on Weathertop where Frodo is stabbed by a Morgul blade. Imagine Aragorn saying "this is beyond my skill to heal, he needs Elvish Medicine." Imagine the usual vague background of Pervy Hobbit Fancying and "Sam Will Kill Him if He Tries Anything". Now imagine what an obvious euphemism "Elvish Medicine" is. Expect me to use that phrase on occasion, e.g. "she's just too uptight and stressed. This is beyond my skill to heal, she needs Elvish Medicine."
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