Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Google catches me ever more thoroughly. I wondered how long I had before my LJ showed up as an early hit on "angelbob". Hadn't checked lately, but now it does.

I hadn't thought about it, but more LJs are probably linked from important sites now than before, and that'll keep happening. Particularly since people will often link their LiveJournals from their domains, that means that massive amounts of Google Juice probably pours into LiveJournal from those sources, and since it shares a single domain, that means LiveJournals will probably get weighted quite heavily on Google as this phenomenon continues.

It's sort of a distributed attack on Google's algorithm conducted by everybody who links their LiveJournal from their home domain.

For those of you that don't know, or haven't heard it: Google Juice refers to the importance that Google assigns to particular sites. There are specific "roots" of the web, which I assume include TLDs (top-level domains). Those "roots" get a certain amount of Google Juice automatically, and things they link to get some of their Google Juice -- some of their importance that they can assign.

For instance, I know that Tom's blog, MonkeySpeak, is linked often enough to have significant Google Juice. As a result, when I put links in my comments there, I always link to my regular web site instead of my LiveJournal. That's because I use the name "angelbob" there, and I'd much rather Google associate the name "angelbob" with my regular site than my LJ. I'm trying to direct more of MonkeySpeak's Google Juice to the preferred public outcropping of my persona, so my regular site comes up first in searches.
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