Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Things have been complicated in my life lately. Lots to think about, a fair amount actually going on with me personally. Old emotional baggage I'm lining up and (I hope) giving the old heave-ho. That's okay, because current plans call for general happy relaxation for a bit, perhaps tonight and certainly tomorrow. Part of tomorrow's plan for relaxing: a rented hot tub at Watercourse Way. When miss_mimsy mentioned Watercourse Way, it surprised me a bit for exactly that reason. That and the fact that I'd just made the reservation.

But then, I know she knows about it, so I shouldn't be surprised she's made it there recently.

You know what I'm hoping for next week? About two days, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday, where nothing big and new happens. Hoping for less stimulus is rare for me, I'm usually a full-on, high speed fast-forward kind of guy. I'd say "I'm getting older", but it's more that I'm dealing with some old issues that utterly floored me when they were new, and still manage to kick me around a little now.

But not so much in another couple of weeks, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

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