Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Brezsny again

He always gives good advice, often the unwelcome kind, the bastard. I owe him.


"One of these days I hope you'll try on the idea that's at the core of my life: pronoia. The opposite of paranoia, pronoia is the unshakable conviction that life is a vast conspiracy to liberate you from suffering, make you really smart, and shower you with blessings. It's not as simple as it might initially appear, however. For instance, the blessings flowing your way may not be the exact ones you imagine you want and deserve. They might even annoy or confuse you when they first show up. On the other hand, if you welcome the blessings you're actually given, they will ultimately serve you better than any you'd expected. I bring this up, Gemini, because you'll soon be offered a kind of grace that fits this description."

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