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28 February 2017 @ 11:17 am
Legal proceedings  
Did I post that we finished our arbitration hearing about the second construction company? We did. Don't have results for a week or two yet, but the sit-in-a-room-all-day-presenting-evidence portion of the program has concluded.

If I never have to do that again, I won't cry.

Our lawyer was wonderful. We liked the arbitrator. The opposing lawyer was... "enthusiastic."

Also, AWS is doing poorly (for the less-technical: large chunks of the Internet are broken, including bits I need for work) so it's a great time to slack off a bit at work. I had *just* gotten my AMI building properly again, too...

And the tea party this Saturday was a lot of fun. If you're on our local event lists you saw the announcements, reminders, etc...
The Onion Girl: tea & sympathytshuma on February 28th, 2017 10:26 pm (UTC)
We did see the reminders, etc., but we were on the hook for out of town company on a outwardly non-deterministic schedule, so we didn't want to commit in case we had to renege last-minute. But I do like tea parties!
Noahangelbob on February 28th, 2017 10:33 pm (UTC)
Tea parties are lovely :-)