Noah (angelbob) wrote,

"Identity Social Media"

Huh. It's not often I'm slapped in the face with an idea that changes my mind hugely on something social-tech-related.

"If you are going to quote "master's tools" quotes to me, you might consider that you're quoting them on Twitter and Facebook. Trumpism can't survive in wiki. It withers on contact. But it thrives and wins in identity social media. Barely anyone thinks this through."

Holy shit.

Okay, now that you put it that way... Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Twitter and Facebook replaced slow-burn long-form media with persistent replies, and replaced it with ADD-fueled sound-bite-of-the-moment history-free emotional reactions.

"Trumpism can't survive in wiki. It withers on contact." Right. Because wiki is, at least in that way, the polar opposite of Twitter or Facebook. Long-form, slowly expands, never forgets, saves the best replies and reactions, kills off stuff that's obviously wrong... It's the slow boil that eventually distills something like Wikipedia out of a years-long storm of reactions.

As opposed to Twitter and Facebook where "recent" beats "good".

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