Noah (angelbob) wrote,

When you're doing well and really living life to the fullest, you don't have the time to sleep as much. When you do sleep, you go to sleep quickly, you sleep deeply, you may dream more (I certainly do), and often you wake up more easily. The extra effort makes everything work right.

And yet I'm still lazy at times, sabotaging both my sleep and my waking hours by succumbing to temptation too fast, getting a "normal" amount of sleep so that I'm awake for less time and the sleep isn't as good.

There's an analogy here to other things in my life, and it's an important one. The sleep thing I can deal with -- I understand the problem well, I've dealt well (and poorly) with it in the past. But the problem just tastes like it wants to be generalized, to give me a rule that works in more places. I can feel that it's there, I can feel that it wants to give way, and I'm just not there yet.

I do know one thing. Getting more sleep isn't the way to find the answer :-)
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