Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Need a male reproductive doctor near San Francisco or Los Angeles?

I feel like I should mention this loudly and publicly: Doctor Paul Turek, operating out of SF and LA, is absolutely phenomenal. I don't have anything else for him to do right now, but I have only very good things to say about everything he's done for me so far.

He's phenomenally responsive, I've had great recoveries from my surgeries, he'll talk about everything in great detail, he does huge amounts of his own research...

Better yet, this is very clearly his *thing*. You know that endearing geeky thing where a programmer can talk about his topic for as many hours as you'll listen and is just *thrilled*? That's Dr Turek on male reproductive medicine. Which can be a little weird, but is absolutely what you want if you're going under the knife. Just saying.
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