Noah (angelbob) wrote,

That Cruise

I found myself writing this to a relative and thought, "this can be a LiveJournal post." Here you are.

The cruise was wonderful. I feel guilty that I haven't gotten all the wedding photos (actually a tenth anniversary vow renewal, but "wedding" is shorter) organized and sent out a link. There are no non-wedding photos -- I lost my phone in the airport on the way to Florida, and that was the plan for non-wedding photography on the cruise. I think we paid more attention for lack of photographing everything, honestly.

The ship's landing at Tortola happened right after the ceremony. I feel guilty about this, but we didn't even get off the ship, just rested.

St Thomas was beautiful. We had a lovely driving tour with a local cab operator who clearly does this a lot. We drove up into the hills and saw both sides of the island -- there's a surprising amount of difference between the Caribbean and Atlantic, and St Thomas is right on the border. You can literally look down and see the change in colors where the two bodies of water come together. Both are, of course, ridiculously deep, beautiful blue.

We also stopped at Castaway Cay, the Bahamian island that Disney owns outright. It was fun, but more like a theme park than an island people live on... Not a surprise, really. Very pretty, though!

The children had a wonderful time. A Disney cruise means lots of fun activities organized for children, and this one didn't disappoint. It's clear that if we wanted to have more of a romantic cruise (or heck, a singles cruise,) it would have basically been fine to drop off any children between about ages 2 and 20 and they'd just have been nonstop entertained the whole time in a kind of constant low-intensity theme park. We didn't hit all the activities in the week we were there, not nearly. We skipped mini-golf and several other sports, for instance, and spent almost no time in the adult-only areas (hot tub, pool, multiple bars) and only went to one of the two adults-only fancy restaurants just on board ship. We did... *most* of the kid-friendly stuff, other than the teen-specific or baby-specific parts, and not counting some of the big organized on-board events that we mostly ignored.

The food, of course, was high-quality and plentiful. The buffets were solid "unobjectionable restaurant" quality, and everything non-buffet was better. Palo, one of the two fancy shipboard restaurants, would hold its own perfectly well in the expensive end of the San Francisco restaurant scene -- I assume Remy, the other fancy restaurant, was similar. They managed things like real buffalo mozzarella good enough to carry a Caprese salad on day four out of port.

So: the cruise was lovely and mostly relaxing, and where it wasn't relaxing it was our own fault. It was wonderful.

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