Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Health Trivia

Did you know that if you show up for surgery involving general anaesthesia, that they're really worried about the whole "general anaesthesia can kill you" thing? It's a point of pride for medical staff to pay attention to that kind of thing.

And that if something goes wrong early in surgery, say with a drug like Propofol, you can wind up coughing hard on the table while totally unconscious? And that you'll be suddenly, roughly given a breathing tube, in hopes of you not dying?

Turns out you get a noticeable percentage of the inconvenience of a real surgical recovery even if they just drug the hell out of you, insert a breathing tube, and then deal with that instead of whatever you actually went in for.

Now I know!

(I'm basically fine. I'm sad that the surgery we were planning did not occur as scheduled. The medical staff seemed to be responding well and immediately to a genuinely unusual reaction on my part. Propofol doesn't generally cause that sort of thing, though it's not 100% unknown. The surgery will be rescheduled, my throat should be okay in a few days and all will be well. But a week or two later than originally scheduled.)
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