Noah (angelbob) wrote,

A Professional Update

Hey, folks!

On the one hand, I assume you don't keep up with where I'm working (or you do it on LinkedIn.)

On the other hand, this is too awesome not to share.

There is a company, AppFolio, that has decided to give back to the Ruby programming language by hiring some random guy (title: "Ruby Fellow") to sit around contributing to Ruby all day, particularly to Ruby performance.

They're in Southern California, and so this is a remote position. Southern California is not, traditionally, a hotbed of senior Ruby folk (Japan mostly, with honorable mentions for a few spots like Chicago and Tennessee.)

This position doesn't involve managing anybody, nor being part of a company-specific team, or significantly working on the company's product.

Relatedly, yesterday I started my new job with "Fellow" in the title, no management to do and working entirely from my house. Krissy and the kids are really enjoying the whole "no commute, around the house all day" aspect. Me too.

If anybody asks you what I do these days, I recommend the phrase "burden on society."

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