Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Sometimes I have real off-days. My balance has been off today, as it was from the previous two boat trips. More so than those, though. I've just generally been kinda clumsy, possibly for that reason.

I went to a gathering of folks I quite like and put my foot in my mouth, if not particularly badly, a couple of times, and made a couple of significant faux pax (sp?) by not thinking. The clumsiness didn't help, overall. But I'm feeling like I've managed to go to a much firmer outsider status than I'd previously had there. I've been trying to put more energy there, but it's not really enough and I have gaps where I don't see them for weeks or (more rarely) months.

Just to make sure I understood where things stood, the light bulb burned out when I got home and hit the switch on the way in. I've also got some kind of funky odor hanging around my apartment, just a whiff now and again in a couple of places. I'm hoping it's the remains of the garbage I just threw out.

It's been that kind of day. Had I had a different weekend I might be somewhat depressed or quite peeved right now.

But I know that my luck tends to run in cycles. I sent some important email today (not related to my romantic life, I'm happy to say) so maybe I've doomed that. But if I can avoid anything else major happening today, maybe tomorrow will be better. There are a couple of things sitting delicately in my life right now and I really don't want to upset them. They're the good ones.

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