Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The Internet Just Keeps Giving Me Awesome

Since I don't think I've said anything about it recently: the Internet, collectively, gives me a constant drip of powerful, interesting, skillfully-told stories, entertaining webcomics and all of this other "content", which we once would have referred to as "stories" or "art" or "essays" or "advice" or "textbooks" or...

When I say, "this Internet thing gives us really good stuff, and there's a lot of good that the world gets from it," that's what that looks like for me, day to day.

I am smarter in my job, happier with my family and wiser with those who must tolerate my presence because of this constant drip of well-told, carefully-curated human interaction which would have been nearly unavailable to me twenty years ago. Don't get me wrong -- I'm far from perfect. But I'd have been a lot worse without it, I promise.

It turns out that making certain kinds of communication cheap helps a guy like me a lot.

Your mileage, in this as in all things, may vary.

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