Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Weird Changes

I've read about guys going through changes in testosterone level, often due to various effects of aging. I'm getting my own (somewhat odd) demo as Krissy and the kids are gone, with corresponding reductions in sex and feeling all "protect the family." Plus, y'know, I've been terrible about exercising while they're gone, another thing that can increase testosterone levels. And several other factors, now that I think about 'em.

People talk about literally seeing the world less clearly and with less color with reduced testosterone -- oddly, I'm totally getting that. Like, objects look slightly flatter and less colorful. It took me awhile to notice, since it's a gradual change. But today I was noticing my vision feeling cloudier in lower light, thought, "well, I guess that happens with age."

No, wait.

I'm only 39. And this wasn't even vaguely true six months ago.



I've also noticed that I'm not hearing as well lately, especially with more background noise. Related? Dunno.

And my body's changing shape, but there are a lot of reasons that could happen with reduced exercise :-)

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