Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Various and Sundry

Work is busy lately. It's... fine. Some good, some bad.

I'm getting ready to get on a plane right now. Headed off to see the family. SJC has the least obnoxious free wifi available, airport-wise. I'm flying through Houston, so I'll get a chance at compare/contrast soon.

The TSA is extra-obnoxious in San Jose, so maybe it evens out.

I talked to Krissy - she thinks that if there's a big interesting birthday present to give her, Calli would appreciate it not being on the same visit as Calli's birthday, even if that's three weeks or so before her actual birthday (Krissy's and Calli's birthdays are close together.)

Surprisingly, that turns out to be entirely possible. Several things came together faster than expected. So I'm going to do that, after consulting with Debbie. Like, on this visit.
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