Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Did Somebody Say, "Update?"

I'm in Chicago with rightkindofme and the kids. It's awesome -- Chicago and the family both.

We had a great and very fancy dinner at Moto, with some very neat courses. I should write that up separately. But the course called "Carolina Beets" which happened to come with a side of dunked-in-liquid-nitrogen-and-fried Wagyu beef? They mean it. "Beets" is the name. The beef is fine, but it's no surprise they named that course for the beets, not the beef. Whoah.

Driving in a minivan with a skybox on top and a trailer behind is definitely a different experience than driving a Prius. Finding parking, for instance, is a whole other sort of experience. And many parking garages don't give the maximum height *outside*, only once you get in and can't go anywhere or, like, park.

The kids were thrilled that I brought two more laptops with me so that there could be more Minecraft and Crypt of the Necrodancer :-)

Finished "We Happy Few" for the first time just before I came to Chicago. Yay! I'm told they're making it harder now. Fair enough, it's in pre-Alpha still, and for awhile yet. There's Wellie Mode coming as well, where you enforce dystopia instead of escaping it and take drugs constantly to retain your (relative) sanity instead of rarely and to blend in.

I like weird, twisted stories as a rule. They just tend to do more interesting things. And the Compulsion Games folks are clearly good at that. I should be able to play their previous title, "Contrast", soon as well.

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