Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It's Like An Update, But Nothing Happens

Had kind of a "lost day" yesterday, by which I mean I just couldn't get myself to do anything besides play video games and otherwise lay around. One day's not a big deal, but I have to keep it from being a pattern. Finished "We Happy Few" for the first time, so maybe I can claim the day's not a total loss :-P

Apparently the reason for the whole "underwear on the outside" old superhero look was that they'd often appear in black and white in these full-body jumpsuits, and they needed to look clearly not nude (think of Superman sketched in black and white for a sec.) I am constantly astounded at how many conventions of genres are specifically artistic constraints. To be fair, superheroes are kind of an extreme example.

The weeks feel like they're just zipping by. I have lost a lot of the things I mark time by, hour to hour and day to day. I have a whiteboard of chores, and mostly I do them, but it doesn't feel like an important time transition, as a rule.

Do other people have those conversations at work where they go well and that's much worse than them going badly? That may just be me.

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