Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Open the Hanger, Here Comes the Update!

Our "Wonderland" sign in front of our house is apparently coming apart. I discovered this when the R fell off, but several of the other letters are also quite loose. Wood glue to the rescue! I'll see if gluing the four or so really loose letters is enough.

So far, pretty productive weekend. Made soup, worked on projects, new release of Rebuilding Rails, car wash, trimmed back the blackberry bush, various cleaning/housework stuff. More, I'm sure, but I'm forgetting what.

It's hot. I've been watering extra to compensate, though a few things are just not dealing with it. Alas, poor celery.

Wasn't looking forward to signing up 130+ people to my email list manually after the big ebook bundle sale. But writing a script for it turned out to be pretty easy. Yay! It's always nice when being a programmer actually saves *me* some time. Also, the numbers from the sale push me up close to 1,000 sales total, in the lifetime of the book. That's pretty cool! I'm not there yet, but I think I will be by the end of the year.

(And now I've caught up on several bits of email I meant to get to. And the day's not over yet! Yay, productivity.)

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