Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Updates

Best idea so far today? Bring the bag of baby carrots out to the Dual-Monitor Shrine in the garage.

Coding JavaScript gets less frustrating every time I do it. Can't decide if that's a good thing ;-) Some day I shall meet a seriously conscientious JS developer, somebody who uses the tools as they should and knows how everything should be set up. I feel like a solid 45 minutes with somebody like that could teach me enough to truly love the language. Still don't think I've met one, though.

Big frustration right now? Still waiting on pre-Alpha game key. It's 10:30 where the devs are and they're working feverishly, I *so* don't get to complain, but I really want it, darn it! I went to the trouble of setting up a Parallels Desktop free trial. Surely creating and shipping a brilliant and unusual computer game can't be any harder than that! Have they no sense of perspective?

Life's decent. The book bundle thing is done in four hours, and then I have time to play my computer game or do something else productive or whatever. Tomorrow will be a massage, which is nice.

[ETA: Steam key for the game just arrived!]
[ETA: Game doesn't work with Parallels and Mac, so I get to attempt BootCamp.]

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