Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The Updates, They Do Nothing!

I'm definitely slowing down on motivation over time. Makes sense. I kinda figured that would happen. I didn't know what to expect, so this is well within my "sure, that seems possible" range from before the family headed out.

Despite that, the house is quite clean. There's just not as much to do with only me here. I still have my big to-do lists with a bunch of stuff not done, but... Nah, things are pretty well in hand, by and large. There's always stuff I don't get to, not just when it's only me.

Doing a fair bit of cooking this weekend, though mostly simple stuff. Pizza yesterday, soup today, lasagna either later today or tomorrow. I should be in decent shape for food for a bit. [ETA: quinoa, when added to soup in any quantity, sucks up all the water remarkably rapidly. So I have a weird casserole-or-something instead of soup, it turns out.]

It helps that I have my Ruby stuff to keep kicking my ass. The two talks a few weeks back, a book bundle deal with some other Ruby authors... It helps keep me going. There's always work around these things, so I know I can't just sit back and do nothing.

My job's been busy-ish lately too, with similar effects. Have to keep on keeping on.

Got back around to doing some coding lately. That's nice. I'm screwing around with a free map editor and various stuff around that. I'm getting an education in why game programming is hard and why more of it doesn't happen despite so many motivated people trying. That's always useful.

I'm spending a lot of time lately in slightly-stunned mode from overlearning. Like, just absorbing technologies and their properties and limits at a speed my brain can only just keep up with. It's been true for awhile, but with the new job it's faster than before -- may stay that way, may not.

I thought it was because I was getting older, so learning at that rate was getting harder. But no. Looking at it, I'm absorbing information at a rate that most people around me really, really aren't. And I truly couldn't have done this back in my cerebral prime. I know enough underlying chunks that I can absorb the stack of arbitrary chunks at higher speed than was possible before (e.g. "Voldemort is a mostly-naive implementation of Dynamo with customizable backing store," "Kinesis is Kafka hosted by Amazon," "Kafka is a message bus in permanently-behind mode with client-stored message offsets sync'd via ZooKeeper," "ZAB is a Paxos-like protocol that globally serializes all operations"...)

It's exhausting, but useful for the kinds of things I've been doing. This isn't a condition that will stop, however. The list of interesting software is going to keep growing faster and faster, essentially forever.

The "We Happy Few" Kickstarter concluded very successfully... But it'll be another week before I get my API key and can start playing. Ah, well.

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