Noah (angelbob) wrote,

More random updata

This is a day when I really wish it was a good idea to play hooky. I'm leading a research paper reading at work today. So, not happening. But still.

Flew to LA and back yesterday for work. Plane was delayed by more than an hour on the way home. Annoying.

And I apparently managed to leave my driver's license in the grocery store, which I discovered in line to check in for the flight. I carry my recently-expired one and it worked out fine. But a bunch of small stuff turned out to be extra stress. That was one.

I got to have several conversations I wanted to have with my director of engineering, who is a very busy guy. Well, okay. "Wanted" is a bit strong. I had several conversations that I felt a strong professional compulsion to have, and now they're out of the way.

The Kickstarter I'm watching obsessively has hit its second stretch goal, and looks like it *miiiight* hit the really awesome stretch goal where the game studio and Julian Casey get together and record 20 (!) more mini-episodes of "Uncle Jack" in the game, alongside the original 32. Fingers crossed.

I'm sifting through a few different tile-based open-source games and learning how these things are put together. Games are surprisingly involved. Doing them right is hard. Interesting stuff.

House: still not burned out. Still basically clean. Fridge: still bachelor-level barren of most perishables. Need to stock up again. And make soup again.

Hope you're having a good day!

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