Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Experiments and Results

You know that experiment where they put an actual experimental subject in a room with a bunch of people planted by the researchers, and they "just warm up" with some "calibration" exercises where you all decide which of three lines are the same size? And everybody except the actual test subject picks a flagrantly wrong answer, and a surprising percentage of the time the test subject just goes along with it because everybody else in the room is saying the same thing?

I'm glad we've done those tests. It's a worthy cause.

Clearly other people think so, too. Because I see a lot of social situations that seem exactly analogous to that. Or maybe it's some kind of Conceptual Art or Experimental Theater?

I'm cool with that. No problem.

But, um... Do we ever *stop* those experiments at some point? I don't mean cut them *all* off or anything. I'm not trying to cramp people's style.

But I seem to wander into them now and again. Is there a protocol for when we stop specific individual experiments of that type?

Because occasionally they get unnerving when I'm in them for months at a time.
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