Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I saw the PowerPuff Girls movie in a second-run theater this weekend. What is there to say about it, really?

Well, Orangutank. Orangutank! ORANGUTANK!

But other than Evil Primates, not much to say :-) They win massive brownie points in my book for having an evil marmoset, even if it was underused.

I went back to the Starry Plough for the first time in a couple of weeks. I've got decent shoes, though the soles aren't going to keep my feet from hurting. I'll give pads and arch supports a go, and see if that helps. In any case, my toes are going to be a lot more uncomfortable because my dance shoes are shaped like dance shoes rather than having broad square ends like my feet do. It was recently pointed out to me that I have narrow feet, which seemed wrong to me until I realized that I *do* have narrow feet at the arches, I just have relatively wide feet by the time you get to the toe parts, which makes them look much wider by contrast. Plus, of course, shoes don't fit me, but shoes don't fit any mortal being. Maybe I should just start fashioning my footwear daily from Plasti-Dip (tm).

If the new shoes never fully work out then I may just not be able to dance for long on any given day. My motorcycle boots are excellent -- padded, arch-supported, firmly ankle-supported -- but apparently unreasonably intimidating to other dancers, and you can't get anything else with a flexible sole and decent ankle support. Well, to be fair, you can by wrapping your ankles separately. That would take my Plough routine from mildly irksome for dealing with bike gear to really annoying, but that seems likely anyway. Dunno. Maybe I should just try that for awhile. To quote dear old Earthworm Jim (remember him?), "Why is nothing ever easy?"

I've interviewed one person today and I'm interviewing another very shortly, unless he winds up being a total fuckup. And another one on Thursday. I find this very odd. Not that I haven't done it before, just that it's still odd despite that.

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