Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Time continues onward...

I went over to a lady's house from the homeschool group a second time. I'm helping her kids learn Scratch.

I'm trying hard *not* to make it a formal lesson. I'm mostly there suggesting small things, helping them when they have trouble and encouraging them to poke at games.

Because if they *want* to program, they're very likely to figure it out. And I can remove small frustrations in the way of that here and there.

But I'm not so enamored of how formal lessons worked out in school that I want to do the same thing for others.

Mostly-unrelatedly, I've been working on slides decks for a couple of talks this week. After months of not doing anything like that, I'm suddenly giving Ruby talks on Tuesday *and* Thursday.

I've been worried about the Tuesday one for a bit, but enough code and slides came together tonight that I'm not worried any more. I'll still be putting together slide stuff tomorrow night, of course. But now I know what I'll be doing and I'm pretty happy with it, so that shouldn't be a big deal.

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