Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays... I don't think about them much. I like to take other people out to a restaurant on my birthday, somehow it just seems right. But I do that pretty often anyway.

Other than that, I ignore them to the extent I can get away with it. I'm not particularly good at giving gifts, particularly not on a deadline. I do nice stuff for people pretty often just as a day-to-day thing, but that's not much to do with holidays.

Still, I think the back of my mind knows. I know it knows when I'm forgetting something major, or there's a big one coming up and I'm just not figuring out what to do -- mother's day, a friend's birthday that I should really do something about... But I think I remember, even when I don't know I remember, and it sets a tone.

That would explain a lot about today, and about the last couple of days.
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