Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Fast fast

I've just finished a two-day juice fast -- like, I'm up too early and decided it was time for a handful of pecans. So, just finished. I just had watered juice, no laxative or vitamin regimen. Went fine. I passed my goal (48 hours) back at dinner time.

My intent was partly just see how it affected my body. I've also seen several folks speculate convincingly that humankind didn't grow up on three meals a day for sixty years, and that probably works out funny. I figured a two-day break from food but not water or calories wasn't going to do me any harm. I was drinking a lot less than 2000 calories a day, but I'm not exactly emaciated, and people handle *much* more severe fasts routinely.

Don't know if I'd do this again. I've been told fasting isn't really a problem when also working, and that has totally, 100% not been my experience. I'm glad I did this over vacation. But, after two days of being cold to the touch, a bit spacey and tired, I have completed my goal as stated, so that's nice. We'll see if I notice any particular physical changes.

I was surprised at how non-uniform the fast was. The first day, as advertised, had a lot of preoccupation with food. Thoughts about it and an entertaining/annoying "everything smells like food" hour-or-so.

But I was surprised that during even day two (and just slightly beyond), I'd go back and forth between "I feel fine, I could do this for a week" and "I'm cold, I can't think straight and it's hard not to stumble." If I was going to do this for a week, I suspect I'd follow the example of the Buddha and sit like a lump a lot of the time ;-)

I *have* noticed that I still don't pee like somebody who is sufficiently hydrated. And it's not for lack of drinking lots of watered juice. Which was one reason I tried this in the first place -- was I eating something that was dehydrating me, or just really coming through in the pee?

Apparently not so much. Unless grape juice or apple juice is somehow doing that. That seems unlikely.

So: I might do this again just to see if I can get that to stop happening over a somewhat longer fast. Conceivably I might cut juice as well since that would definitely rule everything out.

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