Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Baking, Baking, Not-Baking

It's been a great few weeks for making food. Krissy got an excellent vanilla-themed cookbook for her birthday and I've been making stuff from it.

I have now, for instance, made Panna Cotta (twice), and made Boston Cream donuts from scratch, including the pastry cream and frying the donuts myself. Also, oatmeal white-chocolate-chip cookies and ganache to turn them into cookie sandwiches.

This is in addition to various non-dessert cooking I do. Having kids has been great for my cooking, mostly as a result of getting more practice.

Of course, it hasn't been perfect for the kids even with all the desserts -- and even though they turn out not to like Panna Cotta much :-) They tore up the planters full of various food plants and flowers in the back yard, and I caught Shanna as she was trying to cut through the swing ropes with a hedge clipper.

So: I'm cooking more, kids are grounded.

How are you all doing?
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