Noah (angelbob) wrote,

MC Frontalot, the nerd rapper, wrote a remarkably in-depth analysis of Penny Arcade and the Penny Arcade Expos (PAX), and why he's still there and will keep going to them.

It is very well thought-out. It condemns a bunch of stuff it should condemn. It is basically just 300% better than anything else I've seen anybody else write about Mike's opinions and what that means about PAX and the comic.

It includes a lot of commentary on Mike Krahulik and 1) the Dickwolves comic and T-shirts and 2) the transphobia stuff. If you don't recognize either of those issues, and especially if "Penny Arcade" doesn't ring any bells you can probably ignore this post :-)

I also hadn't known that Mike contributed $2000 to the Trevor Project as part of his apology on the trans stuff, which makes it seem a lot more sincere.
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