Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Books du jour

I picked up a copy of Tribes, by Seth Godin for Krissy this year. It was a good idea, pithy, a quick read and a bit repetitive -- everything you'd hope for from a Seth Godin book, basically.

She picked me up a copy of Tempo, by Venkatesh Rao of fame. It's a neat high-concept book. In concept, it's a rethinking of the popular idea of logic and decision-making, and it's as hard to summarize as that sounds like. Like all the very best books, I read it until I get a headache and then take a break until my head clears a bit. And like all the very best books, it's going to take a fair bit of applied usage in day-to-day life before I discover how useful it is or isn't. Tempo feels like it's going to require a lot of application and refinement to really be explainable to the layman, and I suspect Venkatesh doesn't have the attention span to make that happen.

Every so often I think I ought to write a very conceptual, rethinking-something-fundamental type book. Tempo is exactly the sort of book that keeps me from doing so, as I think, "I'd be competing with that."

And as of today, I have done a full editing pass through my book and completed all the relevant sections. It's "done", by which I mean there will be errata and responses to readers for awhile, but it's useful, polished and usable now.

Quite a relief.
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