Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Random stuff going on...

There's been a lot going on, and I can't remember which bits I've mentioned. So an update, in no particular order...

Krissy's book is out and is intense and amazing and difficult to read and in all other ways exactly what you'd hope for.

My book Rebuilding Rails is coming along nicely, for any Ruby programmers out there. You can get a few chapters free by signing up for the email list.

The kids continue to grow like weeds, though today we're all sick. Poor Shanna has been moping on the couch or napping pretty much all day, which is not her usual M.O.

Calli is getting stronger and faster, but still shows no particular need to talk. She understands pretty complicated sentences, she just doesn't seem to want to talk much. Fair enough.

I discovered a few days ago that my orange tree, which I planted in the back yard and has been giving us oranges for a few years, had a grapefruit (or pomelo?) branch grafted onto it when I got it. Which explains several things. But this year the foreign branch is finally mature enough that's it's starting to really produce, which was rather a surprise. The first few, we thought the neighbors had chucked over the fence. Where else would they have come from?

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