Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Friday, yet Brezsny

This week, Brezsny told the Gemini:

An interviewer asked me if there's any special ritual I do before writing these horoscopes. I told her that I often say a prayer in which I affirm my desire to provide you with these three services: 1. that what I create will be of practical use to you; 2. that it will help you cultivate your relationship with your inner teacher; 3. that it will inspire you to tap into and use the substantial freedom you have to create the life you want. I hope I'm doing a good job, Gemini, because in the coming weeks your inner teacher will be overflowing with practical clues about the art of liberation.

Good. Right now, other than family stuff, I'm trying to learn as much as possible about setting up small businesses online. I'm not sure what that will come to, if anything. But so far, that's been the direction of my greatest professional growth in recent times. So I should keep it up and find out how best to strike out on my own, even if that turns out not to be my best actual strategy -- if I can do it for me, I can do it for other people.

So I hope that's the right direction. But so far, so good.

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