Noah (angelbob) wrote,

An electronic clean sweep for the new year

In the past few weeks, I've upgraded to a new, functioning laptop with a different OS (we're now officially a Mac Household or some such). Household internet is now on a new provider and a faster plan. We've replaced the DSL modem the wireless router for reasons of obsolescence and hardware failure, respectively. At work, I've reinstalled my OS and installed a new development site, which was previously a horrifically failure-prone and undocumented process, and is now only somewhat so (and the new docs are at the one-data-point works-on-my-machine level -- not definitive).

That's not an utter clean sweep, but it's a remarkable amount cleaned out in a very short time. I'm definitely noticing the difference on some of these, not least the wireless router -- we can now reliably make and keep internet connections to the outside world at all times of day, for instance.
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