Noah (angelbob) wrote,

From our older young'un...

Shanna tells me that yesterday she went to a fancy restaurant ("what kind of fancy restaurant?" "A burrito restaurant") with no clothes on, only her play silks. She got into her *big* car-seat and into the driving seat and she drove. It was far away -- all the way to Nosewort Pond. But her parents came and got her and said "no no no no" three times. She couldn't go to a fancy restaurant alone. She couldn't go with no grown-ups. She couldn't be at a fancy restaurant with no clothes on.

So we *dragged* her home, and *smacked* her on the wall (demonstrates). It wasn't very kind.

(This is all her phrasing, though she repeated a few bits, and it wasn't quite in order. This is, however, a story entirely of her telling and phrasing. Well, okay, I transposed it to third-person. She did say "my parents" rather than "you" or "you and Krissy".)
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