Noah (angelbob) wrote,

End of the Year: Deep Breath Time

The year's wrapping up, and it's time for some retrospective navel-gazing. I think I've chased off everybody who's seriously turned off by that already.

I've been pondering job stuff constantly, and will again, but let's take a detour into kid-land (my other obsession) for awhile first, hey?


Shanna went from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2, and is now well into the "terrible twos" and short-person-hood. She's kind and vulnerable, self-centered and demanding, clever and occasionally quite funny. She continues to speak at a level years ahead of her chronological age, and remains smart but still two. That is, she's not terribly dedicated or studious, which I say partly because I spend, like, zero time with other people's two-year-olds. For her age, she does well. She remains an awesome person, and she remains frustrating for thoroughly age-appropriate reasons and because she's a tremendous extrovert with an unlimited appetite for attention. Good signs, really.

Calli is fabulous and wonderful. To the extent you can tell anything about a four-month-old (you can't), she seems calm, contemplative and introverted. She doesn't need as much touch or attention as Shanna did, and stares, fascinated at all kinds of visual phenomena (which never much interested Shanna) and sometimes people (which did). She loves Shanna and watches her intently. Obviously she has demands for maintenance and attention as well. She *is* an infant. But she seems *very* low-maintenance and calm, given that.

The two of them get along very well -- Shanna's a little rough, being two, which Calli puts up with remarkably well. But not as rough as you'd expect. And she's very affectionate. The girls are mutually good at not getting too worked up with the other getting upset, and playing or sleeping well when the other is unavailable.

It's too early to tell for sure (ask me again in about 14 months), but so far things are going very well with two kids. And I continue to be glad we're not doing this for an extra few years (i.e. adding a kid). So far it looks like we've utterly lucked out twice in a row, both for the quality of our kids and how well they fit with each other and with us. I don't need to keep spinning the roulette wheel :-)

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