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22 December 2010 @ 03:53 pm
More Brezsny, more pondering  
And to my moon sign, Leo, Brezsny says:

The coming year will be a time to think big -- maybe even bigger than you've dared to think in over a decade. That doesn't mean you should be rash, reckless, or unrealistic. On the contrary. Your expansive dreams should be carefully wrought and anchored in a detailed understanding of how things actually work. As an example of what not to do, learn from Snoop Dogg. The rapper wanted to rent all 62 square miles of the small European nation of Liechtenstein so he could film his music video there. Liechtenstein authorities turned him down, but only because his team didn't ask far enough in advance. Had he been better organized, the whole country could have been his.

I'm not sure what I should be doing that involves renting Liechtenstein, but now I want to throw a 62-square-mile party.

But to continue that last post, I have to find some dreams in order to plan them. Or more specifically, I have to choose them from among various uncertain options.

"Even bigger than I've dared to think in over a decade" certainly hits home. I spent a decade recently building other people's stuff and not getting much of my own done. And then I spent a year working here at On-Site (which is a fine company, good coworkers and so on) primarily to get experience for whatever comes next.

So what comes next? I mean, I'm good at this. I have real experience. I'm starting to become known, more or less despite myself.

But what comes next?

Maybe I should sit by myself in a room until I can come up with some answer that seems more awesome than "a party the size of Liechtenstein." Because you know, I'm not sure I can.

[Note: according to quick calculations and hearsay pricing, renting Liechtenstein would cost about $14 million for the day. Krissy is far too sensible to ever let me spend that on a party. Don't get your hopes up *too* far.]
vito_excalibur on December 23rd, 2010 07:03 am (UTC)
FWIW, my best ideas don't seem to come from looking at other people's awesome ideas and going, "I need to come up with an idea better than that Idea of Awesomeness." Maybe it's my need to lower the bars for myself; but historically, I've been pushed into doing cool things by looking at other people's terrible ideas and thinking, "Well, I might not be terrific at doing this thing that I have not tried doing before...but God knows, whatever I do, it cannot possibly be worse than that."
Noahangelbob on December 23rd, 2010 08:04 am (UTC)
You have a really good point there.

I get huge paralysis when trying to come up with good ideas. I should use that as a jumping-off point more often.